POSCO - The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences

Based on the Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal act of 2013, our school ensures the following:

  1. A teachers' workshop on general safety and guidelines is organised for awareness.
  2. A complaint committee formed with the help of a staff coordinator and members of the Management is made available in the campus.
  3. As a male and female working environment, a set of rules and regulations which prevent and prohibit offensive activities is provided and violations are duly checked.
  4. A strong stand is adopted by the Management in terms of suspension or termination in proven cases.
  5. A free dialogue of the management with the staff ensures quick detection of erring staff.
  6. A close circuit camera system in the campus prevents speech behaviour. The system is directly monitored by the principal.
  7. Separate staff rooms for males and females is provided.
  8. Unprofessional, unethical talk and gestures are summarily checked and that, instantly.
  9. Use of mobiles is restricted.
  10. A general code of conduct and edifying behaviour is always provided and it is upheld by the Management, inclusive.


The management ensures a robust framework for the protection of students from offences of sexual assault and sexual harassment while safeguarding the interest of the child at every stage. The following measures are adopted to protect children:
  • Teachers are empowered to take a stand against inappropriate name - calling and sexual comments.
  • Students are educated about sexual harassment. Difference between friendly teasing and bullying is clarified.
  • Guest speakers like social activists and doctors are initiated to speak to adolescents
  • Parents are involved for long - term behavioural modification.
  • Students are taught to deal with harassment. They are also taught to be assertive and draw personal boundaries.
  • Students approach teachers for help and guidance which the teachers provide appropriately.
  • Boys and girls are constantly educated to respect each other.
  • Audio visual material for awareness is used to draw children's attention and understanding.
  • A very safe environment is provided with technological aids like CCTV cameras.


While transporting staff and students for educational tours, picnics or educational projects, the school makes certain of the following:
  • Proper transport vehicle with GPS facility and drivers whose credentials are well known are deployed.
  • Proper organisation of purpose, time, route, accommodation and safety is ascertained.
  • Quick and constant communication with the authorities and parents is ensured.
  • Good number of staff to monitor and safeguard the students are always arranged.
  • Caution regarding weather conditions, road access and other technical issues are observed.
  • A senior squad of the teaching faculty and members of the Management escort the students.
  • Staff and students are given a precise and complete picture of the nature and purpose of the visit and advised on general code of behaviour.
  • Staff trained in first aid and equipped with material accompany the team.


The following measures are ensured for safety against external threats:
  • A complete surveillance system (CCTV) of the school is available covering 90% of the area especially in vulnerable places.
  • Quick communication facilities are made available with the security guards.
  • The principal has access to surveillance and monitors the same.
  • The staff are given awareness.
  • Security guards are appointed with sufficient training.
  • Buildings are quite resilient to hazards.
  • Administration, staff and students are made aware and better prepared to respond suitably, promptly and judiciously during such incidents.
  • A visitor management system is followed with visitor sign - ins.