House System

House System

The four Houses are set up as the four pillars of our school as Teresians, Marians, Florians and Josephites .Here Pupil will be divided into 4 different Houses to portray their talents and abilities and also to learn to face the real challenges of life and the society. Divided they will be, yet united.

Where they are exposed to learn to work as a TEAM which will enable them to excel as able Leaders and be spiritful in their thoughts and actions realizing that "TOGETHER we can ACHIEVE Great Things".

Each house has its own Motto. Individually they celebrate their house Feast day meaningfully. Each House has its own flag and insignia. Each house is headed by a Captain and a Vice-Captain who are guided by House Masters/House Mistresses. A number of inter-house competitions are organized during the academic year. The house gaining the highest number of points will be awarded Rolling Trophy at the end of the academic year. The daily maintenance of the discipline and cleanliness of the school are the responsibilities of the house in charge.

Patron Saint: Blessed Mother Mary

Motto: To be like Christ in this World.

Feast on: 8th September.

Pledge: Service to humanity is service to God, as the royal children of our Father who is a Heavenly King, we pledge to love and serve our fellow brethren who are in most need in love, charity and prayer.

Patron Saint: St, Teresa of Avila

Motto: Charity and politeness to all.

Feast on: 15th October

Pledge: Teresians, through friendly services to each other, to our school, to our family, towards our society and our Country, seeking a world pleasing to God

Patron Saint: St, Theresa of Do all with love Child Jesus.

Motto: Do all with love.

Feast on: 1st October

Pledge: We the Florians promise before God to work and collaborate with the team for the welfare of the school and society and to do the best we can and to abide by the rules and regulations of the school and live upto our motto 'TO SERVE AND NOT TO BE SERVED'

Patron Saint: St. Joseph

Motto: Onward we go and never backward.

Feast on: 19th March

Pledge:We the Josephites promise to do our duties to the best of our ability in honour of our school and for the glory of God.