Internal Assessment Scholastic

Internal Assessment ( 20 Marks )

With effect from the 2017 - 18 session, the CBSE Board has introduced the remodeled structure of assessment which also includes a component of Internal Assessment(IA) of 20 marks. IA comprises Periodic Tests (PT) with weight age of 10 marks, notebook submission of 5 marks and Subject Enrichment Activities of 5 marks. Internal Assessment emphasizes that learning is a continuous process and the acquisition of learning may be accessed through multiple approaches.

I. Periodic Test ( PT ) for 10 Marks

Periodic Test is a pen and paper assessment which is to be conducted by the subject teacher. The periodic test format must have question items with a balance, such as, very short answer (VSA), short answer (SA) and long answer (LA)to effectively assess the knowledge, understanding, application, skills, analysis, evaluation and synthesis. Depending on the nature of the subject, the subject teacher will have the liberty of incorporating other types of questions.

The modalities for PT are as follows:

  1. Mode: The periodic test is to be taken in the form of pen and paper test.
  2. Schedule: In the entire academic year, three periodic tests in each
  3. subject will be conducted as follows :

  4. Syllabus: The portion of syllabus will be cumulatively covered in periodic test with reference to the announcement of date of tests by schools.
  5. Average of Marks: Once school completes conduction of all the three periodic tests, they are required to convert the weight age of each of the three tests into ten marks each
  6. for identifying best two tests. These best two will be taken into consideration and the average of the two shall be the final marks for PT.
II. Notebooks Submission ( 5 Marks )

Notebook Submission is a compulsory part of the internal assessment carrying a weight age of five marks from the academic year 2017-18 as an appraisal tool to ensure the regular and attentive participation of students in classroom transaction. Notebook submission broadly aims at enhancing seriousness of students towards preparing different types of notes on the topics being taught in the classroom as well as assignments. This also addresses the critical aspect of regularity, punctuality, neatness and notebook upkeep.

III.Subject Enrichment Activities ( 5 Marks )

These are subject specific activities aimed at enrichment of the understanding and skill development. These activities are to be recorded internally by respective subject teachers. Languages: Aimed at equipping the learners to develop effective listening and speaking skills, the language teachers may device their own methods and parameters for assessment of the languages.

Mathematics :

Practical work and activities in math may be undertaken as suggested by the NCERT syllabus and text books.

Science :

Practical work and activities in Science maybe undertaken as suggested by the NCERT Syllabus and Text Books.

Social Science :

Map or the project work maybe undertaken as suggested by the NCERT Syllabus and Text Book.